Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time to Retire the BlogSpot

Thanks to all who followed me here and listened to all my inherent ramblings on Art and Design Culture...Not to mention those who sent me all those cool links to post. it kept me on my toes...But it's time to retire the BlogSpot as I've found that Posterous is a much easier blog to manage while I get on with my fast paced life. Plus I haven't poste on here for over a year...Yikes! Sorry People. Pffffft.

Anyhow, Here are the 2 New Links to follow.

This is the Studio Link for my Company which, My Creative Partner Rick Morris, and I will actively post on:

And this is my new Personal Milky Site...Please Follow and Enjoi!!:

Thanks Again & Cheers to All!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rodrigo Braga

Yet again...another Sao Paulo Product. Did all these guys grow up together? It worked out for them it looks like. Rodrigo Braga, AKA Maltchiique is a brazilian Art Director who is in it to win it.

Bruno Borges

Graphic Designer & Illustrator Bruno Borges flexes a slew of stuff. Another Sao Paulo product...these guys know how to do it.


Always versatile David Carlvalho of Portuguese make has some new stuff to peep.


EEPMON is at it again, this time some fun and colorful stuff for XBOX 360 in Austria.


Illustrator and Graphic Designer Kako is from Sao Paulo Brazil and has numerous awards and exhibitions to gloat about. Lots of interesting art to admire.


TokyoFlash always plays the experimental "I'm from outerspace" watch wear game...and they play it well. Most are hard to get stateside but if you can you'll be able to talk to aliens from all over the universe.


Street Artists WK are pretty cool.

Classic Computer Ads has a cool little collection of classic computer Ads. So rad.

Collection of Herbert Lubalin Works

Typogabor has a small tribute to Master American Designer, Herbert Lubalin, who is responsible for all you recent schooled design kids using slanted A's and W's in all your mainstream typographic work...yes, he created ITC Avant Garde as well as many other classic typefaces and logo forms. For those of you who don't know him please take 2 minutes and shoot to wikipedia to get some perspective.

Travel Brochures Designs

1920s and 1930s Travel Brochure Guides from all over Europe collected and displayed here from some nice fellow who needs hunker up and help. There are some very nice covers on there.

Well Medicated Posts 50 Great Posters

Well Medicated bloggers have posted some hand selected posters from different designers around the globe. These are sure to inspire and make some nice wall fodder. Peep and buy!

Magdalena Bors

Antwerp Born Artist Magdalene Bors spits some hybrid fantasy photography.

Stephan Lenthall

UK's Stephen Lenthall uses some unique techniques in his photography. Simple but effective.


Timo Boese is LowerGround...a Motion Designer out of Hamburg Germany. Check the Steez.

Kaloian Toshev

Bulgarian Kaloian Toshev spittin some fury...his new site will be up soon.

Nazario Graziano

Mr. Nazario Graziano and a big batch of work...excellente.

Ryohei Hase

Tokyo Blazer Ryhohei Hase with the funk.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saavy Links

Oh Man...I refuse to let this blog falter into the abyss. I felt there was a little lull in creative (in general) for the past several months. Plus, I've been busier than an Amsterdam Pimp. But fear not...My frequency of updates might be low but I'll stop by every so often to try to enlighten your spirits with stuff that catches my eye. Other than that, here is another round of 'em up!! Mmmm-Mmmm Good.

Mutant Hands
Mike Saksi
Alberto Cerriteno
Eduardo Duccigne
Johnny Cheuk
Fredrik Jernstrom
Christian Postmai
Jiri Adamek
Mira Ruido
Hope Gangloff
Studio 4C
Koichiro Tsujikawa
The Holograms
Lost in Space
Nathan Love
Vinicius Costa
Theo Jemison
Meld Media
Sugar Rhyme

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Royale Flaunting it up.

The folks at Royale, Jayson Whitmore & Brien Holman, are at it again. with a little special something for Flaunt magazine sponsored by Diesel. Not much to say but to jump on their site and experience a 3 minute concoction of collagey VFX, Cell-Animation, and patented "maestro camera-moves" that only these guys can perfect. Astounding...They rocked it in a minuscule 3 weeks. I mean, who does that? Jerks. Always Love Fellas.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gosset's Got It.

Ex-Exopolis Superstar, Brian Gossett, has been running around town as high-end work for hire. Yes, He sometimes wears ultra-bright baby-blue Vans..yeah yeah, I know it's rockstar but I'm gonna have to call him out on it. Otherwise, the guy has some definite skills to pay the bills...Design, Illustration, and Typography for the masses. Check out the site and jump on the bandwagon.

Laundry washes it clean.

Our good buddies over at Laundry have been really cleaning it up over the past year. I blogged PJ Richardson's madness earlier and now with Tony Liu as part of the stable they are definitely in it to win it. With a tight collection of Premium stuff to showcase, and much more to come, we can be sure they'll be around for a while. Also, I've verified that they firmly believe in Sasquatches, Trolls, and Fairies. Finally, someone who's on the same page! Wheeeew!

The Harder Way

Reclusive Legend, Friend, and European Rockstar, Justin Harder, has been at it for a while now...the force behind, now defunct, LAMBO, he is on a personal mission to destroy all in his path. If you haven't scoured his site please get on now as there are some nice and tasty bits. Check the Budweiser only a way Harder can do it.

More Saunders Please.

These big hiatus holes are happening waaay too often. Holidays are approaching so I better get this out of the way before I'm buried. Anyhow...If you haven't checked out Jon Saunder's work then you are really missing out. Plus, he's just a really nice guy and has really red hair...whoa. The brother of the other design machine, Chris Saunders, who also makes my head spin, is currently killin it as one of Psyop's in-house super designers. I'll be the first to say that Psyop is paramount in our bizz these days, and with guys like Jon I can see why. Peep the magico HERE.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Platinum FMD

Photo Retouching Specialists Platinum FMD.

Dusky Ward

A little coolness by Dusky Ward.

Herbert Baglione

A style all his own by Herbert Baglione.


Byroglyphics my friends.

Amy Sol

Piles of gorgeous art by Amy Sol. A can't miss.

Frog Hat Studios

More great illustration by Frog Hat Studios Chris Appelhans.

Joy Ang

Joy Ang with some beautiful stuff.

Mon ordinateur Magik

Yaaaay. French product...Mon ordinateur Magik.

Grant Barnhart Studio

Jason Thielke

Some highly detailed line work and composition by Jason Thielke.

Alberto Cerrietno

Really great stuff to peep at Alberto's site.


Hydro74. Lots of work...all good? You Decide.

Tim Marrs

cool shiz by another UK'er...Tim Marrs.

Austin Shaw

Jazz Illustrations by Austin Shaw

The Octonauts Book by Meomi

The Octonauts Book is RAD!


Hello Freaks has major fun for all!


Aeriform boasts some quality for sure. Lot's of stuff to sift through. Enjoy earthlings. If you don't like it..then, well, go pet a cow or something. Hmmm. That made absolutely no sense.


Abaddon0927 Foriegn Language Barriers aside, it's worth peepin.

Back in Action...

...for now at least. A 5 month hiatus. wow! But everyone knew there was no way I could let this thing die. So in the spirit of instant action I'll post the next slew of madness with little to say..just click away! I'M BACK!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Lord of the Links

OK OK, everyone probably thought I had retired...but alas, my thunder lives on...what was I up to? Simply focusing on developing the studio...yeah, I know, I wish it was more dramatic but get ready for us to blow out of the floodgates...we got some stuff comin that will hurt people. Boo-Yah. Aloha to all all the new folks and old ones I haven't been broadcasting to lately. I figure, since it's been such a long hiatus, I'd slam you with a plethora of links. Some better than others but all superb quality linen...enjoy for now! Cheers.

Marcos Chin
Asterik Studio
Art Ninja
Get The Glass!
Drew Europeo
Made of Japan
Aubo Lessi
Change the Thought
Amy Sol
Del Rancho
Maya Wild
Gary Birks
Right Brain Terrain
People Like Us Collective

Friday, January 26, 2007

Shiny Binary

Per his website here is some info: Nik Ainley is a UK based web designer who also has a passion for producing personal art and illustrations. His work is featured in many magazines as well as on books, album covers, posters and clothing. He was listed as one of the "Top 10 up-and-coming creative talents of 2006" by Computer Arts magazine, and later as "the Computer Arts artist of the moment". Again...not American. Grrrrr. but sooooo good.


eepmon is Eric Chan...his prints are heavily influenced by Japanese print, graffiti, and music– the intricacy and detail cannot be fully appreciated with these graphics, so you should definitely look at them on the eepmon website where there is a zoom feature. So! Do it! I'm here! Ok, gotta relax.

Perttu Murto

Perttu Murto is a 20-year-old Finnish graphic artist, and his portfolio is nothing short of, well, rad. Again, I'm challenging you americans to step up! I keep posting the foreign madness and it's not like I'm losing faith but c'mon now! Step Up! Muhahahaha.

Hello Color

Per Josh Spear: Hello Color (previously Norbb) is the design portfolio of 22 year old Pawel Nolbert– a freelance graphic designer, interactive, branding 3D genius based in Poland. You’re probably thinking to yourself “another 20-something graphic design mad-man?”, us too. With tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, a decent computer and a great imagination, we’re seeing extremely talented individuals come out of every city worldwide. Pawel has some nice prints available for sale as well.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Tokyo Born Motomichi Nakamura rocks the character flow like no other. Residing in Brooklyn his, simple, three color characters have graced installations, MTV ads, and VJ sets all over. Lending a designer's sense of shape and color to his character designs it's easy to see why designer fiends, such as myself, are attracted to his character sensibilities. Check out the site...lots of sutff to peruse including a blog and new happenings. Hoo-Wah.


One more time with the French...Parisian Benoit Godde is a designer/illustrator who I don't have much background information on but I do like his collection of female paintings which evoke some great emotive characteristics and not to mention the rad use of dark moody desat colors. Check it out and enjoy. 07..wowsers.


Qleem is the work of Thomas Le Mouellic, co-founder of, with Antoine Caillet. Nice and tidy and not too overwhelming...just solid good looking stuff from, again, another french crew. Anyhow, lots more to report after my trip to and what not coming soon. Finally decompressing so please stand by.Hideeeeee Hooooo.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Without Reason

Without Reason is a limited edition art book dedicated to the roots and lifestyle of street culture, capturing the works of graffiti artists, painters, designers, illustrators, photographers and tattoo artists from Australia, USA, canada, and the UK. In two words..GET IT!